Most people will accept things that are free, and that extends to traffic that costs no money. But the thing about this is you have to invest some time into making it happen. You can look at just about all the methods and find something you like, so it can be a good investment. It all depends really on how patient you can be since many will not work as quickly as paid for advertising.

Forum marketing is very popular because it’s social and really easy to do. You do have to follow some rules but they are easy to do and it’s just talking with other people. Any forum you sign up with has terms of use, so be sure you read about them before you get too far. Forums are strange places, and it’s a lot like high school in my opinion. Maybe that’s not something that bothers you, but it does for others and is just a head’s up.

There is still power to be found in article marketing, but you have to change the way it was done years ago. Syndicating your articles to excellent sites can give you great returns, but this is not an overnight process and just takes dedicated effort. When you can get some good sites picking up your articles, then you’ll be on your way and this is the whole point of it. There’s nothing wrong with searching for good candidate sites for syndication, and simply inquire about what is possible.

Moving into the bigger leagues, think about using this for your better sites because you need to make a good impression. Press releases can be good for getting backlinks, although not high-powered, but it can be very good for traffic. Just like other methods, you can score big with them or not according to quality. Media editors actually look at press releases, and they immediately pass on one that’s written purely for exposure. These are essentially news vehicles, so be sure you take that into consideration. If you do enough of them, then you can get really good and this is something you will always be able to use.

You can use free traffic methods all by themselves or use a mixed bag. You can find lots of people who are making good money this way. And don’t forget that you really always need to be doing some testing. Be sure you work on building your site conversions so you make the most money.

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